Complex Regional Pain Syndrome South Jersey

Complex regional pain syndrome is chronic pain that usually affects an arm or a leg. This condition generally develops after an injury, surgery, stroke, or heart attack. The pain is generally worse compared to the severity of the initial injury. Since this condition is uncommon, its cause is not clearly understood.

Patient experiencing Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and in need of the neuropathy treatment protocol at Liebman Wellness Center in Marlton

What Can Cause Complex Regional Pain Syndrome?

Over time, the affected limb may appear cold and pale. Muscle spasms and tightening may also occur. Once these changes arise, the condition can be irreversible. Thus, treatment is most effective when the diagnosis is made early, especially because it gives patients a higher chance of experiencing improvement and sometimes full remission.

Symptoms may change over time and differ from person to person. Pain, swelling, redness, noticeable changes in temperature and hypersensitivity (especially cold and touch) usually appear first. Other symptoms include:

  • Joint stiffness, swelling, and damage
  • Muscles spasms, weakness, or loss of feeling
  • Reduced ability to move the affected body part

How Can Our physicians Help With Complex Regional Pain Syndrome?

At Liebman Wellness Center, we provide our patients with a variety of treatment options designed to help reduce or eliminate pain caused by neuropathy. Once we do the initial examination, we will create a custom treatment plan based on our findings to ensure you get the best results. We know that you have been struggling with healing from either a condition or an injury, and we are here to provide you some relief. Give our Marlton Area office a call today at (856) 596-3000 to get started.

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At Liebman Wellness Center, we provide innovative therapies to help patients suffering from peripheral neuropathy and associated pain find relief. Call now to get started with your customized treatment plan!

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